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Nice to meet you.

We are curious, dynamic, and passionate designers that never stop chasing their dreams, exploring new ideas, and discovering sustainable and better paths of life and work.

A natural collision that draws light signs in evolution with shiny colors. This is Aurora. That’s us.

Why Aurora?

In October 2016, we left for Iceland. We believed we had to be lucky, and the Aurora Borealis had to be sought. But “she” was the one who found us. And this has changed our life.

Telling stories is what we do best. This is ours.

We are

Working with passion.

All our features and hobbies distinguish us and play a key role in our way of working.

vector illustration representing a boy and a girl dreaming of a night mountain landscape, a sea landscape and a lighthouse

Our office is

In a cafe, a park, in flight, on a desert island, or in the middle of a rainforest. There are no boundaries or limits. We’re a remote design studio and this allows us to work in any place and situation.

girl framed from behind observing Wroclaw city square with traditional colored house facades two bikes on a green lawn and trees all around in a park in Valencia city sea sunset in Zadar city boy framed from behind holding a smartphone to take a picture of Dubrovnik city a kayak on clear river water in the Grassano Park girl framed from behind among trees on Vis Croatian Island mountains landscape with two blue lake and a sunny sky in Tatra National Park boy on a bench drawing on paper in a green park in Wroclaw city traditional wooden houses in Bryggen historical area in Bergen city Colorful Nreon Signs Gallery in the city of Wroclaw at night boy feeding a squirrel in Łazienki park in Warsaw city cafeteria window with luggage in foreground, sofas and breakfast table Krakow coffee shop in backlight with a window on the main city square

Every encounter matters and outlines our creativity.


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